Vanessa Gounden S/S 18


Vanessa Gounden is a designer who merges art with fashion, a chic storyteller who’s signature style combines bold prints and patterns with innovative tailoring techniques, such as 3D layering, in addition to embellished hand-painted buttons, beading, and embroidery. Each collection centers around a concept that is close to her heart, so for the new line, the designer focused on endangered wildlife and plant life species that may soon perish from our world: The African daisy, African Starfish, Ghost Orchid, Green Jade, Silverback Gorilla, and the White Rhino, were present throughout her garments.

In her exclusive show, Gounden featured soft silks, crepes and organza layers, on which each print was enhanced with bold tangerine oranges, azure blue and tropical greens. As the collection progressed, the bold pallet color was gently complimented with cream and lilac watercolor tones. As a result, the designer successfully translates endangered flora and fauna into intricate wearable patterns which are then beautifully imprinted on her signature ready-to-wear and couture pieces. Each element of the collection is also carefully curated to enhance the splendor of the female form, merging classic silhouettes with postmodern chic styles.

Gounden designs for intelligent, glamorous and spirited women who want classic styles with bespoke individuality over trends – for example, trench coats are a must — and they are environmentally aware, seeking change. Launched in London in 2011, Vanessa Gounden is a luxury brand for women. Gounden opened her first flagship store in the UK in the Spring 2015 and is now sold worldwide.