Three Health Tips for Fashionistos


Forget what you wear. Forget what you buy. Forget what you curate, and incorporate into your aesthetic. Your body is the most stylish element of your wardrobe, and the most important. I know, I know, sometimes people go overboard with their health. I know those people, sometimes I am those people. And I don’t want to guilt trip you over New Year’s Resolutions which you’ve already discarded. I want to give you new resolutions, new goals, built on simple pieces of advice which will leave you feeling great and looking even better.

Blend it up with a juice. As a young professional on the go, I find my options for breakfast frustratingly limited. Omelets are wonderful, and they give you all of the good fats and protein plus vitamin-rich vegetables, but they just take so long to cook. Granola tastes good, but that’s because it has a lot of sugar and, besides I get bored eating the same meal day after day after day. Whether you’re juicing at home – and if you are, I recommend the Breville JE98XL – or buying from a raw food bar, you can get all of the same fiber and phytonutrients of a cornucopia, in seconds. There are tons of great juicing recipes, but I just keep it simple and colorful. I might go green with kale, spinach, lemon, and grapes or red with beets, apples, rhubarb, and cinnamon. There’s no reason to spend all the time and money on a full blown juice cleanse, although I think a three day stretch has its merits. With the juicing, it’s all you do you. Add spice or a herb to improve blood flow and give your immune system a much needed boost in cold weather. Throw in four tablespoons of chia seeds to harness the power of omega-3s and protein. Stir in some yogurt and whip yourself up a smoothie. The most important part of your wardrobe is the body it goes on.

Speaking of the cold weather and, disclaimer, speaking as a guy with a beard, it may be time to hold off on shaving. Hair protects skin from blustery wind and traps your natural oils to guard against dehydration. If you shave a large area of skin, such as your face or legs, your risk of getting an ingrown hair increases exponentially, along with cracking and increasing the risk of infection. Plus, you’ll look great with a little extra hair, I promise 😉

Last piece of advice: Do what you love. Believe me, unless it involves torturing infants or wearing white after Labor Day, I’m not one to judge. On a more serious note, what I mean is that research has now determined that the single largest cause of death in the world is chronic stress and dissatisfaction. Life is too short not to enjoy, and it will be even shorter if you don’t enjoy it. Take off work early to play basketball, or drink with your friends. Make out with someone who wants to make out with you, and do it all night long. That way, the morning after, you can steal a sip of their juice.