The Sex Expo Pt.1


Cover Image by: Essien Akan

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, what does sex have to do with fashion? Sex has everything to do with fashion. For a woman, sex can influence the way she feels about herself physically and emotionally, which brings confidence by what she wears and how she feels. Sex drives various forms of music genres, styles and colors within fashion brands. Do you get the picture by now? We went to the sex expo in New York and were blown away by how educational and uplifting these brands are. One of the most influential is  Kamasutra.

As one of the oldest brands in the sex industry, founded in 1969 (during the sexual revolution) the brand started with the Oil of Love and Honey Dust. This company focuses on romance, something that needs to be revived. With all the dating apps, live streaming such as Snapchat, and internet hooks ups, people are forgetting that foreplay is very important. It’s important to remember that romance is not dead. Kamasutra’s line of products includes massage lotions, intensifiers, stimulants, prolonging gels, and a new Rhythm line body safe silicone toys, that add a spark to foreplay. Good communication and finding products that make it more fun is the Kamasutra mission. Making love better is the Kamasutra mentality. Here are some of their standout products:



*Honey dust product, produce a dust that when you apply it to your body, transforms your skin into a tasty and sweet smelling treat.
$32.99 Honey Dust Body Powder 


*The oil of love – is a warming foreplay liquid that also tastes good. Foreplay liquids work by applying drops on sensitive areas like the nipples or neck as your partner licks it off. Tasty flavors include Passionate Peach and Strawberry Dreams.
$21.00 Oil of Love  

*Massage candles – are wax-free, soy-based with coconut oil, and do not burn. Once the fire is out this candle turns into a massage oil. Flavors include Tropical Mango, Strawberry Dreams, Sweet Almond and much more.
Memo from Kamasutra
$22.99 Sensual Massage Oil Candle


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