The Gift of Giving


With Christmas approaching in just a few weeks, how many of you all are panicking about gifts? I am definitely with you, but here are two companies I’ve found some promise in; and the best part is that they are affordable and easy to order online! Stay at home to finish your last minute errands, while you let RED and Hype & Vice take care of your presents.

Personally, I am a fan of Hype & Vice. Although I am a college student, the rally gear isn’t quite what draws me in. I’m a fan of the ridiculously soft and comfortable loungewear the company sells.  What’s better than gifting an ultra chic sweatshirt and long sleeve shirt–  I guarantee that whoever receives it to will put it on once and never take it off.  I received my Hype & Vice gear in the mail yesterday morning, and I may or may not be still in the plush Senioritis Sweatshirt.

As far as designs go, most of the company’s non-rally products are quite similar to the classic logo and a small, cute catchphrase (like “keep it genuine”). It’s simple and practical! The loungewear runs slightly big, making it perfect to pair with some leggings or jeans. And here’s a little tip I’ve practiced a lot in college: if you know the person you’re giving the gift to really appreciates those lazy mornings, throw in a Hype & Vice hat. It is the ideal accessory to hide that morning hair, while still creating that “put together” illusion.  Hurry and visit their site now while the good deals last!

If you don’t think Hype & Vice gear is the way to go, check out RED’s partnership with Amazon. RED is an amazing foundation that partners with companies to help end the fight against AIDS. The company has stated, “(RED) and Amazon are teaming-up for (SHOPATHON)RED – a special holiday shopping experience offering people a selection of exclusive (RED) products that raise money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.” You have the power to make a global impact from your own house with the click of a button, and as an added bonus, you get to cross people off your gift list.

The choices of RED products range from nail polish to bracelets to tech devices– there’s something for everyone. If you are interested in Amazon Echos, there is a special edition RED Echo that just launched– with every one of these Echos sold, Amazon donates $10 to fight AIDS. Also,  Bank of America is donating 30 cents per dollar spent– up to $1.5 million. As verified by RED, “Every (RED) purchase made by shoppers this holiday will have a real impact. The life-saving ARV pills, when taken daily, save not only the life of mothers living with HIV; they also prevent the virus being passed to their unborn babies.

As well as providing medication, (RED) money to the Global Fund also supports prevention, testing, counseling and care services programs – all key pillars of the fight to end a disease which is preventable and treatable; a disease which needlessly sees an adolescent become infected every two minutes.” This program has had and will continue to have a HUGE impact in the fight against AIDS. Take a moment to join celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Tyra Banks, and DJ Khaled to help make that impact.