The Future of Her


by Galeria Melissa

Brazilian shoe empire of plasticity, Melissa, is presenting an artistic, experiential and inspiring mean of shopping through the grand opening of their new NYC Flagship store. Offering more than the casual shoe shopping experience, the concept store also functions to align Melissa more closely with NYC’s emerging artists by supporting young local talent. The Future of Her is the Galeria’s first exhibition curated by Kelsey and Remy Bennett featuring Signe Pierce and Sam Cannon’s work with technical designs by Muti Randolf. The gallery is inspired by themes of women’s empowerment, cyber-feminism, gender and sustainability to portray the feminine future.

Muti Randolph

Signe Pierce

Sam Cannon

Muti Randolf, Brazilian architectural developer and pioneer in computer arts, has been shifting from virtual 3d to real 3d spaces creating sets, installations, and architectural projects. “The concept is inspired by the first Galeria Melissa in Sao Paulo, a space designed to change, to interact with others, to welcome installations and its artists. In the Sao Paolo and London stores, it was important for us to embrace the actual space, and the city itself within the gallery – to serve to support art. The same goes for the NYC flagship. The most impactful point is at the entrance with the screens depicting an “urban scene” emulating the streets of New York City.” Randolf designed The Future of Her exhibition and will continue to design the next 4 exhibitions in the Melissa NYC flagship store.

Two contemporary NYC female artists have contributed to Melissa’s Galeria. Signe Pierce is a renowned female artist featuring her curation in the Galeria. She is occupying the immersive room where she includes her “neon noir” style of lighting and contemporary curation to the experiential gallery-turned-store space. Sam Cannon, director of very short films, curated the vision that lies at the entrance and the windows within the geometric construct of the Galeria’s pyramidal and polygonal LED presentation. Sam and Signe collaborated on the third room, titled “The Green Room”, which combines both artists’ vision in the context of organic futurism to fully immerse audiences in the Future of Her. This room/lounge has a gorgeous, contemporary meets futuristic feel with triangular light fixtures used to display each shoe. Behind the installation lies a live green plant wall, which makes each shoe pop against the plants as they are illuminated in each triangle.

There are three main rooms and a smaller side room. The entry is a huge LED installation with mirrors to attract people from the street in a kaleidoscope effect. The main room for exhibition and sales of the shoes is the heart of the structure. This closes into a main third room with a lounge featuring a green wall bolstered with organic shapes. The shoes are displayed differently in each corner of the store. The floor plan of the store creates space to make it easy to shop while noticing the details of the products.

You can visit the Galeria at 500 Broadway in Soho, Tommy Hilfiger’s former flagship.