Tenga for Your Health

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How does one strive to be their best self-everyday? Is it working out before heading to work? Perform meditation after their long day? Or slamming a cup of coffee before tackling a project? There are certain activities that work better for others. What if I told you that masturbating could bring positive impacts in your life, would you consider it?

TENGA – a Japanese “new adult concept” line for men has proven that masturbating at least 4 times a week can help lead a better life. Tenga executed their 2nd annual United States of Masturbation survey, which analyzes 1,200 Americans ages 18-74 on their attitudes towards masturbation, sexuality, general health, and well-being and the results are fascinating. The survey shows that frequent masturbators (at least 4 times a week) visit the doctor less often for illness, are likely to have higher body confidence, are more likely to be employed, and have triple a number of orgasms than those who masturbate less frequently or none at all.

TENGA consolidates this data to educate consumers through their male pleasure products. Items such as the CUP, a series of different cup shape products that perform a variety of suction and malleability to multiple insertion options. The EGG, a tool used to provide sensation through stroking. The Tenga 3-D Series, a tool also used to provide sensations while boasting a coupling antibacterial material and a drying/storage stand for hygiene purposes. The FLIP Series is a reusable item that includes a unique flip-open structure. TENGA’S philosophy is to provide innovation, design, quality, functionality and pleasurable products while attempting to deliver self-confidence about masturbation. Ladies – TENGA offers products for women through their brand, Iroha. Based on the United States of Masturbation survey results, you may want to start researching and trying Tenga products that work best you, if you haven’t done so already.