Southern Wicked Lemonade


The Drink of the Summer

All natural? Check. Gluten free? Check. Organically sweetened? Check. Alcoholic? Check plus! Southern Wicked Lemonade is the perfect refresher to beat the stifling summer heat. With a variety of savory flavors offered, including Georgia Peach Martini, Bubble Gum Shooter, and Moonshine Mojito, you will surely find your lambent libation. With all-natural, organic ingredients sourced from local growers, Southern Wicked Lemonade is a company that chooses people over profit. And what could be better than the taste of a Southern Wicked Lemonade Wickedtail, you ask? Founder Naomi Lucas has committed ten percent of Southern Wicked Lemonade’s net profits to entrepreneurial and humanitarian efforts. A cocktail with a twist of social consciousness is always my drink of choice.