Skin Care in Your 40s and Beyond


As we clock-in more mileage, we know to embrace our wisdom and life experiences — we are stronger doing so.  And alas, we will also feel defeated with our beauty, sometimes.  That’s OK, yes normal, but now let’s revamp our skin care routines to put our best faces forward in all decades.

dr-sumita-butaniWe spoke with Dr. Sumita Butani, global beauty product innovation lead for Artistry™ by Amway, a skincare and cosmetics brand that was started in the 1950s by a woman, for women.  Today, Artistry offers specialized skin care and on-trend makeup designed to meet the diverse needs of millions of women of all ages globally.  Here is Dr. Butani’s advice for better skin you can start practicing today.

How do the needs and care of skin change for older women, say 40 years and older?
As you get older and enter your 40s, your skin undergoes many changes.  Your skin produces less sebum, which causes drier skin. Your lymphatic system starts to slow down, causing more toxins to build up and puffy skin, especially around the eyes.  You might lose skin tone and elasticity, so you’ll start to notice sagginess as hormones begin to drop.  Your skin color becomes duller and more grey, and age spots begin to appear – This is usually linked to sun exposure.  Collagen also continues to break down, making you more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

Of course, genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle choices all affect your skin’s aging process.  While you can’t completely reverse this process, there is a lot you can do to prevent, protect and treat your skin’s needs while visibly improving your overall skin appearance.

What are the top 3 mistakes older women make with their skin care routine? 
1460659078872The biggest mistake you can make is to not adjust your routine as you get older to adapt to your skin’s changing needs.  The moisturizer you used throughout your 20s and 30s won’t work as well in your 40s.  It’s time to step up your routine!  The second biggest mistake is not wearing SPF.  Damage from sun exposure is a leading cause of aging skin so it’s important to always protect your skin.  The third mistake is not taking off makeup and cleansing your skin properly.  Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs a break after a long day.

What are the top 3-5 skincare tips/advice for women 40+ years to do now? And perhaps some that are simple, maybe even cost-effective?
Top pointers to keep in mind every day are:
Cleanse:  Always remove makeup and use a cleanser suitable for your skin type.  An exfoliating cleanser is also important to promote cell renewal, and remove dull and dead skin cells.
Treat:  If you aren’t already, make sure you start using a serum with effective anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin C, retinol and peptides.
Moisturize:  As you get older, sebum production slows down and your skin tends to get drier which is why it’s even more important to moisturize daily, regardless of your skin type.  An eye cream is also important to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.
Use SPF and drink plenty of water!

Do the winter months require different skin care than other times in the year?
1453230321908Absolutely.  Your skin changes with the seasons and in the winter, your skin becomes drier and parched due to the cold weather and indoor heating. It is important to at least change your moisturizer for a more emollient cream during these months.

Can women really look 10 years younger, naturally?
Of course! There are clinically tested ingredients, technologies and formulas that have been proven to visibly make your skin appear younger.  They work by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as by firming and brightening skin tone, to help you maintain an overall youthful appearance.

I recommend trying our new Artistry Supreme LX collection, which has proven to empower skin to act up to 15 years younger.  The results are phenomenal – It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, including deep set wrinkles on the face and neck.  It also makes crepey, thinning skin look firmer and smoother, fades dark spots, and evens skin tone and clarity.  With regular use, your skin will be breathtakingly beautiful and youthful.

In addition to your skin care routine, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, sleep and water are also important for not only looking, but also feeling, younger.