Salute the Sun


If there is a better way to celebrate the beauty of the sun and the transition to summer than poolside at a trendy gym overlooking a river, this New Yorker doesn’t know about it. As Y’all know I love yoga and astrology on any old day of the year, so the chance to bring it all together in the LifeTime Athletic center on the roof of 605 W. 42nd St.

For the record, the facility itself is a dream come true. Besides the pool and a pristine tanning deck, it houses state of the art equipment, a full spa, and an en suite cafe to refuel the right way. A part of me actually wishes I had gotten a chance to see more of that, but between the free Zico on the deck and the super delicious guacamole which, somehow, my drink ticket was able to get me, I barely even went inside which, I think, was kind of the point. The people at Sky Towers have been doing the best job possible to make their gym the premiere health and fitness outlet in New York City. After all, Men’s Health Magazine didn’t exactly name them the “Best Overall Health Club of 2017” by drawing them out of a hat.

The rooftop yoga experience was part of a push to get back to the basics in life and to find the timeless beauty in good health, great weather, and the best of friends. I have to say, I think it was a success. Seeing dozens of smiling New Yorkers stretch their arms and hearts up into the sky made me feel, weirdly, grounded. It made me feel awake, alive, and at home. And, it should go without saying, I met a ton of cool people and saw a lot of great fashion. Events like this, right at the start of summer, are a great way to gauge which trends filtered from the runway to the collective conscious and to figure out what we need to do to stay on top of that trend.

Seafoam green is in, and sneakers have continued to push towards super lightweight, stylish mesh, which can complement anything from solid-block color pinnies to those jazz-inspired 80s jogging shorts. In line with the whole pura vida lifestyle, organic and eco-friendly clothing is also going as strong as ever. Actually, the funny story about that is how it has come full circle. One of the new friends I made yesterday, Jade, is the daughter of Marci Zaroff, who literally invented the concept of eco-fashion over twenty years ago.

Even with all of that, and with all of those superstars milling about (including, hello, me!), nobody really took themselves too seriously. For example, the movie they decided to play on their outdoor screen was Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story which, besides being a good promotional move for that Omzae charity campaign, is obviously a way to poke some fun at ourselves for caring so much about our health that we feel the need to go to a super elite fancy gym. Although, I will say this. The summer membership fee for LifeTime, whatever it is, is definitely a better deal than a year with White Goodman.