Runa Ray S/S 18


As the atmosphere evolved into a mystical land and a sultry voice rose through the speakers, the room darkened and hushed. The same voice continued to announce that the following pieces were all constructed from natural dyes with materials all the way from southeast Asia. The clothing was meant to come to life with glimmering effects joined with a feel for the “enchanted forest of life.”

Runa Ray’s opening look was a flowing, silky cream dress that danced to the floor and around the model’s feet as she walked. As the gown moved, the fan-like green leaves stretched diagonally across seemed like they were swaying in a breeze. The gold pieces at the shoulders produced an accent to balance the nature of the organic look. The magical, fairy-tale theme kept constant throughout each piece but varied as to how this vision was portrayed.

One of the menswear looks showed a different side to the dreamy story that unfolded across the runway. The top was structured and rigid and the texture was rough. The unbuttoned shirt was gray and covered with stitched barbed wire. As the other looks showed the soft beauty of overgrown gardens, this piece was the harsh border to it all and it certainly stuck out from the rest.

The final look emerged and another flowing gown fluttered down the runway. Crimson flowers spilled down the layered piece and words were vaguely seen across the front. When the model reached the end of the runway, she paused and opened the wings of the dress to uncover the words “imagination is the only weapon against reality.”