Room Decor 101

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As much as we hate to admit it, the new school year is slowly emerging. With a whole new wardrobe and haul of spotless notebooks,  thanks to back-to -school shopping, all you need is a deep room clean and makeover to feel ready to take on anything.

First of all, in terms of room arrangement, I find that pushing the bed towards a corner and other furniture against the walls makes the room feel extra spacious. To enhance the airy ambiance, let as much natural light in through the windows if possible, and stick to more of a pastel palette if you’re thinking of repainting.

Secondly, I personally like to have my belongings on display rather than packed away in a drawer, which is not a great habit when trying to maintain the feel of a spacious room. But, I have made creative attempts to minimize the clutter. For example, place figurines, photo frames, etc.. in the window sill or flush against the wall on top of desks/dressers. Instead of taping my pictures and postcard collection all over my walls, I opted to show a select few on a whiteboard I rarely use. The slick surface of the whiteboard makes them easy to take off. Also, because the legs of the whiteboard are capped with cut tennis balls, the whole piece itself is easy to maneuver around and put in the closet if need be.

Furthermore, the best way to conquer clutter when it comes to jewelry, pens, any small object really, is to put them away in mason jars or decorative boxes from craft stores. When it comes to practicality, the one must-have item when it comes to room decorating are Command Strips/ Hooks. You can use hooks to hang up hats, bags, large jewelry, and signs so that they are easily accessible. The strips are perfect for posters, mirrors, as well as picture frames; I’ve even hung a very large chalkboard in my dorm room without having it fall off for the entire year. They don’t leave any mark or dent behind on the walls and are extremely easy to apply.

Lastly, if you’re not like me and actually are in need of more pieces to decorate your room with here are some extremely simple things you can do:

  1. Clean used bottles and use them as vases for dried or fake flowers
  2. Get a few mason jars and fill them with a string fairy lights for a shelf
  3. Arrange empty photo frames for wall decor– find deep set ones if you want to place light items inside
  4. Stick a chalkboard or cork board and fill with photos, notes to self,  schedules etc…
  5. Rock the minimalistic look and place each item purposefully whether it be on an angle or perhaps even hanging by twine