Pyer Moss F/W 17


If you are familiar with Pyer Moss and his meaningful presentations, this season projected the most humbling experience yet. Inspired by his parents, the two series collection is called Stories About My Parents. His Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection was part 1 – My Father As I Remember From 1980-1999, which was displayed at New York Fashion Week. On each seat, he left notes for the audience to understand his father’s accomplishments and what he did during that period. Notes referencing life experiences when he was an NYC Taxi Driver, becomes a Dad, wins the lotto and uses money to go to school, and does not stop listening to Bob Marley.

From the makeup to the hair styling, the revelation continues throughout each detail of the show. T. Cooper, the lead hairstylist from MetroLook, describes designer Kerby Jean-Raymond’s vision for the hair. “Since this collection was inspired his parents, Kerby wanted the models to look slightly aged since they are so youthful. We incorporated grey hair into the long black hair. We are using 7 packs of Janet Collection hair for each model, which takes 2 hours for each model with 3 hairstylists on each head. If it was just one person styling the hair, it would’ve taken 6 hours. We wanted to focus on having the grey stand out in the front of the head so it was more visible”. The grey hair was mixed in with the long black strands, giving the hair an aged look. She used ECRU New York defining paste to keep the sections clean and their dry wax to seal the braids at the ends.

Lead makeup artist, Jessica Santoni for BH Cosmetics describes makeup: “The makeup is very natural for the male and female models. Dewy skin, neutrals that complement the skin complexion. We are using BH Cosmetics, who sponsored the show. The female models wore a neutral brown lipstick based on the complexion of their skin.”

The vision continued as the fashion show kicked off. Kerby’s intro explained the theme behind his collection for the audience, “I was inspired from a trip I took to Standing Rock. At Standing Rock, one of the things that struck me is the respect for elders. I felt like that was something that I needed to work on in my life. That is what these series and this collection are about”. As the models reached the runway, a choir and piano player opened the show with Lord Have Mercy on Me. The songs transitioned beautifully, from recognizable choir hymns to songs in multiple languages, such as Como la Flor by Selena.

The collection was directed towards Menswear, with male and female models sporting the contemporary streetwear looks. Fitted trousers that hit the ankle, paired with a turtleneck, jacket, and sneakers, were the foundation. Many of the trousers stayed within monochrome colors of light and dark grey and shades of brown. While bomber jackets diversified through shape, form, and décor, the male jackets were fitted while the females sported oversized blazers. What made the outfit unique was the texture of fabric around the neck.  All looks are wearable, especially with the unisex trend, but adding more flavor to streetwear. Each model sported custom Reeboks to define the casual but sleek styles.