Phoebe James Shoes


Innovative Accessories

Have you ever dreaded wearing the same, boring shoes to the office or having one backpack to match each outfit every day? If so, here’s a company that has tackled this problem head-on.  Phoebe James is a completely new brand from former Luca Luca Creative Director Raul Melgoza. The company is focused on changeable accessories and chic footwear. These accessories are straight out of a fashion fantasy and can be replaced depending on your mood or even personal style.

Phoebe James’ strength definitely lies in its over 100 attachable statement accessories. On any day, all you have to do is “pop-twist-lock” on any Phoebe James backpacks, flats, wristbands, bags or key tabs. It’s all about mixing and matching with this company. This creative business model allows anyone to take a mundane piece and add a new flare to it — all under five minutes and under $100. They offer a choice of ballet flats, pointed or rounded, with a variety of colors. Also, the statement pieces can range from lightning bolts to bold, red lips, or even emojis.

Personally, my favorite combination is the pointed, baby pink flat with the asymmetrical, sparkly eye statement pieces. Furthermore, I really appreciate their cute checker print backpack that clearly benefits from the addition of the small statement piece. Not only is it practical, but the products are stylish. In this case, there’s really no way of accessorizing incorrectly, especially with the suggestion they give immediately on their website based on which style you are interested in.

All you need to do now is visit their site, and try your hand at revamping the normal shoe, bracelet, or backpack with the help of the dazzling statement accessories.