PH5 Fashion Week

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Nowadays most brands wish to appear edgy, gender neutral, and fun. PH5 achieved just that. With the name being backed up by science, PH5 is neutral on the PH scale. This season their long awaited and highly anticipated show was a success at NYFW. While not the first show they’ve debuted, this one was met with high expectations.

The simplistic show displayed in a white, simple setting bringing out the colors with the models holding fruits and flowers. With a handful of colorful jumpsuits, ruffle dresses, it’s hard to believe this is knitwear. Emulating floral elements, the design featured bright colors with big ruffles creating a statement on the runway.

The best part of all: the line is actually affordable, unlike similar high-fashion knitwear. The prices range from $200-400 for high-quality knitwear made in China. Not only are the looks affordable and chic, their versatility allows them to be worn for any occasion.