Personal Style…

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…Trend or Future?

If you haven’t been looking at the hundreds of street style photos on Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, Marie Claire and every other major fashion publication’s site, then you haven’t seen the spectacular renditions of personal style. One could gauge from scrolling through the countless slide shows that the carefully considered combinations of prints, colors, and textures that come together in these eye-popping ensembles has become the standard dress code for every fashion show. To call this wave of sartorial ingenuity a trend would demean its very power, as there is no singular formula to achieve this particular “look”, besides dressing up as yourself.

Fashion has commonly been fueled by the ideology that to really look cool and be cool, you usually had to buy into something that was being handed to you by retailers. But the very essence of personal style goes directly against that. The more you stray yourself from what’s considered in vogue, the better the chances a swarm of photographers will be at your very feet. Everyone now vies to be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower. However, I have to wonder, is personal style really just another trend? How long will the allure of personal style flourish? Will everyone revert to pursuing a homogenous style? Or will individuality reign in fashion? Here’s to hoping.