NYMD Woodhouse SS18


Images By: Lauren Moran

Still at Dune Studios for NYMD SS18, and Woodhouse was next on the chopping block. This was another one I was familiar with. I still remember the playful runway walk they put on back in February, and how I was meh about some of their lines but absolutely positively loved their three-colored chrome sneakers. I would say that my reaction this time around was largely similar. Woodhouse had a playful runway theme, reminding us all about baseball season, and the All-Star game which both Mets and Yankees fans should be tuning into.

They also had one killer piece, which uses M&M colored polka dots on a black cotton two-piece to both capitalize on the bro-romper trend and, at the same time, blow it out of the water. And, unfortunately getting the trifecta right to a tee, most of their other stuff felt forcibly experimental and uninteresting. The track suits were baggy and awkward while being still kind of summary, and I couldn’t stop thinking about who would wear one or why. The models, I guess, had to wear them, and they were getting paid to do it but, even with literally a perfect bone structure the visors just didn’t sit well on their brows and the cut was too wide at the waist. Watching the show was almost like watching Albert Pujols bunting with bases loaded and two strikes. The only response is to scratch your head and go “But why?”