NYMD Head of State SS18


Images By: Lauren Moran

Head of State + was a label I had never heard of, and I didn’t know what to expect going in. The Rastafarian music which I heard piping out of the studio as I walked by didn’t really help to clarify things, but it did pique my interest. The first thing I noticed was how well coordinated the colors were. One outfit, for example, the designer managed to get the exact same tone of red on a linen top as they did on the khaki-short bottoms, which is actually pretty impressive. The belts were those thin loops made out of dark brown leather strips, which I think is really the only acceptable kind for guys to wear in summer.

All the models wore the same chunky boat shoes and gold jewelry. I guess, especially given the black, beige, and green tones on the rest of the outfits, that the line was a kind of homage to Haile Selassie, which, in itself, is refreshing. The problem was that it ended up falling flat because there wasn’t enough variation in the execution, which meant it felt less like an aesthetic theme which intersects with our daily lives than it felt like an art exhibit which proved that it could. Also, the symbols weren’t really synthesized with functional summer wear but were kind of left to make their own statement.