No Screwing Around!


Fashion 360 Magazine is excited to share with you ic! berlin, an innovative, handcrafted eyewear brand that specializes in screwless eyeglasses and sunglasses. Instead of traditional screws, ic! berlin uses a one of a kind patented interlocking hinges. In addition to high-quality materials such as sprung stainless steel and organic acetate, ic! berlin is now introducing rubber as the next new material. Based in Berlin, Germany, Ic! berlin will launch in North America this spring with rubber-based glasses in three new shapes in addition to 10 new designs in stainless steel and acetate.

What makes ic! berlin unique is that it is light, comfortable and practically indestructible. Have you ever dropped your sunglasses, sat or stepped on them by mistake? With ic! berlin sunglasses, you never have to worry about damaging or breaking your glasses. You can bend the frame in whatever way you desire, and it will still hold its shape! The flexibility of the frames makes it suitable for high performance athletic to everyday wear.

If you are going to Coachella or other music festivals this year, you will definitely want a durable pair of sunglasses.  When you are around tons of other festival goers, you don’t know when your sunglasses might accidentally drop or get stepped on!

Aside from the technology and practicality, ic! berlin offers fashionable designs and has become favorites of celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Brad Pitt, and the late Prince. The three new styles in rubber, named “Wipeout,” “Kingpin” and “Pulse”, are available in four colors– black, grey, dark green and marine blue.

Most of ic! berlin frames retail between $479 – $600 USD and can be found at boutique optical shops around the world. For more information about ic! berlin, visit its website at