Naturally Curly


Textured Manes far from Mundane

When you hear “Fashion Week” you automatically think of apparel. With months of preparation going into the seasonal fashion week shows, we don’t often consider that it’s not just the latest garments that are so carefully created and set before us. We all know that no look is complete without the finishing touches: accessories, makeup, and hair.

This September, NaturallyCurly made their third appearance at New York Fashion Week, in partnership with Sally Beauty they presented their “Texture on the Runway” signature show. NaturallyCurly was started in 1998 by two friends and business partners, Michelle and Gretchen, who have grown the website from a simple discussion board into a full-blown media and community platform. The first Texture on the Runway show was born of Michelle’s frustration at the lack of diversity on the runway, seeing only straightened locks or simple buns and ponytails during her time covering the NYFW shows as a journalist. Thus, in 2012 she decided to create her own runway event featuring the full spectrum of natural hairstyles.

Think big curls, crimped kinks, braids, waves, coils and a huge celebration of diversity on the runway. This year’s Texture on the Runway show emphasized the versatility and beauty of textured hair, and presented hair as an accessory to fashion, proving hair styling does not distract from fashion but adds to it. Styling hair is a great way for us to show our own sense of personal style, it is something unique about each of us, and how we wear our hair makes a statement in the same way our choice of fashion does.

Karonda Cook, Director of Merchandising at Sally Beauty said “We were thrilled to be this year’s exclusive retail sponsor for Texture On The Runway to help tell our story. It was also a great opportunity to interact with brand partners and influencers to make sure they understand the importance of our brand and what our customers mean to us. We are committed to helping our consumers find and celebrate their natural beauty. We know that beauty is not a one size fits all approach and believe in beauty for all.” Taking the theme of diversity further, the event showcased both women and men’s styles in the same show.

Featuring in this year’s show were brands like CantuCarol’s Daughter, Creme of NatureCurlformers™Mielle Organics and SheaMoisture presented in the style of afros, braids, cowrie shell-adorned twists and cascading waist-length waves. Each brand exhibited their own interpretation of textured hair styling showing both their artistry and the multiformity and allure of textured hair.

The theme of this year’s show, “Let Your Curls Define You” has helped represented a huge group of individuals with diverse natural styles that have been somewhat ignored by fashion brands until recent years. In fact, catwalk models typically remain for all intents and purposes, plain. However, there are signs that individuality and uniqueness are beginning to be more greatly celebrated in fashion and it is truly thanks to platforms such as NaturallyCurly who parade the beauty of textured hair before the industry and encourage us to find a way to celebrate our individual style.