CAAFD Fashion Show F/W18

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The CAAFD Fashion Show was a showcase of three new and emerging designers, who had created the lines Port Zienna, Mouton Blanc, and Ruth Zabetta.

The first collection, Port Zienna, showed an understanding of fashion if nothing else. The designer made paisley prints, but did so in neon colors, and made sure to add plenty of unexpected detail, such as a sash-like red belt. There was much shine and danced on the fence of fonce, but it never went overboard. The clothing was certainly memorable, although it was not quite hitting the mark for me.









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The second collection, Mouton Blanc, was sheer gorgeousness. Every outfit was entirely different – the theme was to not have a theme. Yet every outfit was done to the last detail, with many folds, intricately beaded designs, pleats, sashes, and every possible effort put in. They were truly magnificent pieces, and though the social statement made, with the female models occasionally veiled from head to toe, was certainly discomfiting, the clothing itself was endlessly beautiful.









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The final collection, Ruth Zebetta, was, like Port Zienna, certainly memorable, detailed and with excellent use of colors, but it did not have anything decidedly original in the mix. The clothing was pretty predictable, and thus the designer’s desire to play it safe was truly unfortunate, for the skill was there.









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All three designers had a great amount of potential, and the Mouton Blanc line absolutely dominated the show. It was pure art, and I only wish he had shown himself for a little longer at the end, for it looked for a moment as if he were about to get a standing ovation.