Morphew S/S 2018

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When you think of New York Fashion week, you probably assimilate it with a runway, front row attendees, and models strutting quickly in designer garments. Some designers like to showcase a presentation at a fancy location without the runway show. Other designers are thinking ahead of the runway, by showcasing their collection in their store or showroom. This benefits the lucky attendee to take the time to examine each piece while embracing the ambiance of the brand’s spirit. “During runway shows, you get a quick preview of the collection and not enough time to analyze the garments. That is why we decided to display our latest collection in the house during NYFW”, said Jason Lyon, Creative Director of Morphew, the finest vintage and historical designer in the world.

Morphew’s debut collection to NYFW for Spring/Summer 2018 is critical to the fashion industry due to their use of historical textiles and by leading the vintage industry to incorporate new styles. Rarely do you ever see a vintage design house present a new collection with new styles, and for Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by a romantic wanderlust, incorporating lace ranging from different era’s of the Victorian Age to the 1970’s. Gorgeous and colorful embroidery create a feminine look with contemporary finishes. All of the pieces present diverse worldly looks, as the antique handcrafts derive from Indian Saris combined with Mexican floral embroidery. The lace is the key factor of the collection, from the Victorian era or Ireland mixed with Chinese embroidered silks incorporated to a present-day look. The inauguration collection is divine and we are excited to see what Morphew has up their sleeve for future collections.