Let’s Make Scents of Sex


Never have I ever…

  • Edged closer to a stranger because they smell good – guilty
  • Gone through the men’s section of the spritzer counters in duty-free collecting samples – guilty
  • Sniffed my partner just because his skin smells soooo gooood – guilty
  • Admitted to “not minding” (aka secretly liking) the smell of my partner’s sweat – guilty.

The link between scent and seduction is as old as time, it’s a well-known fact that scent, “pheromones” in fact,  play a big part in what attracts us to one another yet it’s a complex and personal thing. It’s true that typically we are not attracted to people that smell sweaty or dirty, yet there is something about a particular type of body odor that kinda gets us in the mood.

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced not one, but TWO of the greatest Roman Empire leaders with her personal fragrance. So what is it about a scent that can seduce even the strongest of men? There are some perfume ingredients that arouse a sensual feeling in most:

  • Musk – in its most basic form is the scent emitted by the sex glands of a male deer – not the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard of as it’s essentially the smell of sweaty balls… But, with a deep animalistic note, it is used as a component in perfume and cologne to bring out a sensual feeling when smelled.
  • Jasmine – floral, sweet and versatile, jasmine can give the perception of womanliness, cleanliness, and intimacy.
  • Vanilla & Coconut – these two natural ingredients are known for their soft, sweet smells. Women wearing perfumes with strong coconut or vanilla notes during the day are perceived to be clean and fun. For a woman wearing this kind of smell on a date, or in a romantic situation, the strong and quite intense nature of these ingredients leads to a perception of intimacy and desire. Interestingly, vanilla goes into a variety of scented products, whether it be room sprays or soaps and is very rarely a disliked smell – choose a perfume with vanilla in, and you’re onto a winner.
  • Orange – a full-bodied, sweet AND bitter scent, orange notes conjure up happy, sunny feelings and a mouth-watering taste. The freshness depicts cleanliness and when used in conjunction with a musk or sweeter ingredient can create an intense and intimate mood. For men, subconsciously I’m sure the shape also helps…

Choose your spritz of sex:

For a gentleman:

  • Kiehl’s Musk by Kiehl. Originally marketed as a “love oil” when first released. This one is actually a light musk that gives all the necessary cues, but a little more gently than your typical musky scents. A basic introduction to deer balls…
  • English Oak and Redcurrant by Jo Malone. This intense yet fresh scent is tangy and autumnal with a floral jasmine top note that lifts it from its winter fragrance ingredients. Suitable for a sophisticated man, or a great one to suggest confidence on a first date.

Vanilla & Coconut

  • Private Blend: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. A tall, dark and handsome man, in a Tom Ford suit (as he should be) reclined in a leather chair in the penthouse of a city skyscraper. Strong and dominating, yet needing a woman. This is what he smells like.
  • Gentlemen Only Casual Chic by Givenchy. Again, the smartly dressed gentleman springs to mind, but with this, perhaps a lazy afternoon in the garden or evening drinks in an underground cocktail bar. With woody notes and a slight hint of cinnamon, this one draws you in with its enticing top notes.
  • Essenza di Colonia by Acqua di Parma – lemon, orange, bergamot, amber and rosemary form a fresh and zesty long-lasting scent. The kind you can smell in your hair and on your bedsheets the next day – in a totally sexy way.
  • Orange Spice by Creed. If you like your men seasoned with Old Spice, I’m telling you Orange Spice is the new Old Spice. Subtle woody, citrussy, aromatic and spicy this is designed for a man out to seduce a sophisticated and old-fashioned woman. A man who insists on courtship and follows it with attentive loving.

For a lady:

  • Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome. Luscious, woody cedar combined with a sweet musk drying through to raspberry and blackcurrant top notes. Sweet and intense, just what you want at midnight.
  • Amor Amor by Cacharel. This is a beautiful fragrance, remotely oriental and filled with floral and fruity notes. Also with hints of jasmine and tonka bean, this is a versatile scent for giving you a confidence boost during the day and expressing a sultry mood in the evening. A perfume that entices an existing lover just as much as a new lover.
  • Jasmin Noir by Bulgari. Despite the name, this doesn’t have a particularly strong jasmine scent, but an obvious pink pepper and greenery feel; it’s a fresh fragrance that gives you that feeling of clean bedsheets in need of ruffling…
  • Indian Night Jasmine by The Body Shop. Think summer evenings in the Mediterranean (or India, obviously), a sweet richness filling the air, returning to a cool and dark candlelit hotel room with a big squishy bed…
  • Night Scented Jasmine by Floris – ditto above, they’re both dreamy. This one from Floris feels a little more sophisticated, whether that’s because the ingredients are actually better and at a higher dose or because I’ve paid more for it, not sure.
Vanilla & Coconut
  •  Shalimar By Guerlain – this combines vanilla with a light musky scent so is essentially a double whammy with the sex appeal. If you happened to see the advert for this one before you smelled it, you know what to do anyway. Dab a few drops on your wrists, neck, and chest and you’re halfway there.
  • Sensual Nude by Estee Lauder. Immediate woody and black pepper notes, followed by the warmth of a sweet honey/vanilla scent this makes you (and your lover) feel exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Boss Orange – floral with woody notes, giving way to a citrussy blossom. From fresh to sensual in one breath in.

A quick word on what not to wear: cherry, smokey or strongly floral – scientifically proven as no-gos!

Whilst these common arousing and appealing scents are popular, everyone’s sense of smell differs, as does our taste in a partner (obviously!) so as with any aspect of your sex life, it’s important to communicate. If you love a smell on your partner, tell them! If something is putting you off, also tell them, suggest other smells you like – or a date to the perfume counter!