Maiden Noir S/S 2018

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The Seattle/Tokyo-based designers of Maiden Noir presented a picturesque theme based on the Return to Stone Garden – a fictitious place set in Northern California. Inspired by a series of paintings by Pop Art Movement artist David Hockney, the backdrops captured this imaginary place. Hues of coral pink, a sandy beige, and sky blue contrasted perfectly against the models and the designs.

The collection revolved around 3 distinct prints – a reinvented camo print, a pink and dark navy stripe, and a dark beige and yellow stripe print. The camo print detailed a trouser pant, t-shirt and laid back windbreaker jacket and was paired with interesting colored garments like a bright green long sleeve windbreaker and olive green shorts. A light pink top worn under the camo windbreaker brought a contemporary charm to the classic camo. The blue and pink striped shirts came in a short sleeve and long sleeve. The short sleeve was worn with a pair of light pink shorts and the long sleeve button down was worn open with a light pink t-shirt.

Lastly, the beige and yellow prints flourished on a short sleeve button down, a long bag and long sleeve button down. The long sleeve paired with a navy blue trouser while the short sleeve was worn with grey trousers and the matching bag. The fabrics used in this line are a mixture of cotton and dyed nylons within the oversized coats. The rayon stripes are paired with dyed washed out fleece garments.