Luxury London Athleisure from JANI


Introducing JANI: the new athleisure wear brand designed for performance and comfort. JANI launched this fall bringing both the UK and international markets. The collection sits between outwear, loungewear and activewear and was inspired by the designer’s need for clothing that compliments an active lifestyle without compromising on style. The brand name, as well as being the nickname for the Founder, Janos Nagy, represents genuine, unpretentious and sincere contemporary menswear as each piece is made with viscose based fabric, cotton and elastin which offers a functional garment whilst portraying a luxury feel.

Janos was unhappy with what was available on the market with typical athleisurewear either being too commercially designed for high street fashion or extremely overpriced and thus took the matter into his own hands, creating this new brand to fulfill the needs of many like him.

The Collection:

JANI’s first collection is comprised of the Diamond Leggings, two T-Shirt designs, a Sweater and two Ribbed Shorts designs, all of which are made in Britain and sit in a premium accessible luxury price range. Each piece features either the trademark diamond print or the triple eyelet for simple statement details:

Janos explained that the concept of the collection, and future collections, is to be “the essentials of the confident individual’s wardrobe: unaffected by trends, strong and with a unique personality. Functionality, innovation and unsurpassable quality is the essence of each piece aiming to transcend casual wear to activewear and explore the limits of the athleisure category.”

We tried out the products and got exactly what the brand promises: comfort, style and a luxury feel. Our verdict:

The collection is sleek and stylish, enough to make everyone at the gym jealous and secretly every guy loves a pair of snazzy leggings. You can feel the high quality of the material and all the garments are well fitted. The cross-functionality really works as pieces like the shorts and the sweater would be perfect for a cozy day at home as well as in the gym, and our model “felt like a real athlete in the leggings”.

“There is definitely a demand for this sports/loungewear category, I live in comfy gym-style clothes such as performance leggings. The key to a flexible garment like this is it needs to both look good and feel good and Jani clothing has hit the nail on the head with this first collection.”

While not aimed at women, the sweater can be kind of cute on your girl too….

What’s next?

JANI are working to add more products such as long trousers, a “fashion” jumper and a lightweight jacket. Now that the first collection is launched, the next pieces will be bolder, pushing the boundaries of athleisure further to create the ultimate stylish and relaxed wardrobe for active men.

The current collection has fully launched and is available to shop via the website where international delivery is available. You can also follow the brand to keep up with the latest news on social @janidesigns.