Laure de Sagazan

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Laure de Sagazan made her formal U.S. debut at her 2018 collection runway show during this season’s Bridal Market Week in New York City. A Paris-based designer, who is known for her classy and effortless French style, de Sagazan began her bridal gown company back in 2011 and is already making waves for her je ne sais qui attitude toward her designs.

This show was based off a previous project shot at a modernist mansion in France, Villa Cavrois. The mansion is a beautiful, strong piece of architecture embedded in a natural environment– the perfect complement to the lacy, delicate bridal gowns that are being featured in this year’s collection. In fact, as stated by the company’s representatives, “The 2018 collection features an elegant assortment of gowns, including drop-waist silhouettes, pantsuits and structured separates all featuring soft French Calais lace, fluid silks, and romantic detailing.”

Though again,  it isn’t your average bridal gown, my personal favorite look from the show is the flowing blouse, blazer, skirt combination topped off with a bowler-style cap. This monochromatic look is the perfect combination of classic, renaissance characteristics with a futuristic, androgynous spin. She has a knack for making high fashion look relaxed and natural on women, no matter how intricate or the design or material is.