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A bridal gown design house that embraced contemporary styles to the fullest extent is LAKUM. This collection was presented during the esteemed bridal week as well through a runway ordeal. Known for its dedication to the founders’ Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green high-fashion roots and cultural inspiration, LAKUM often has forward-thinking collections. Their affinity for structured silhouettes and geometric designs is why this collection was influenced by three legendary artists: Zaha Hadid, Joan Miro, and Francis Picabia. Best stated by the company itself, the designers challenge “traditional norms and [reinvent] the very geometry of lace while exploring the endless expanse of the white palette. LAKUM addresses the woman who is willing to change directions and take ownership of her perspective.

Unexpected fabric choices and design details combined with an utterly modern aesthetic make LAKUM’s  AW2018 collection a unique, eloquent statement during fashion week.” I truly appreciated the strapless, silk dress with a definite geometric-inspired silhouette. It is the epitome of delicate material paired with deliberate, hard lines from the plaid material added to waist– all tied together with racy tie-up heels. Although, I did wish the shoes were a different hue because the rest of the outfit played off a space gray/shimmer silver palette. However, there’s no doubt that this brand is the most fearless in terms of taking innovative risks with bridal gowns, which are typically known for their old-timey, classic reputations.