JXY n’ Cuso F/W18

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Uber, Urban and Hip

The JXY n’ Cuso show began in the most unusual way possible – rather than beginning with serene or hip-hop music, it started with music that almost sounded like a baby crying – to the point that I looked around for a moment, to see where the crying child was. The music then became a discordant mesh of sounds, almost slightly hypnotic, as you tried to stay on track to the beat.

Then came the models, one by one, in street-ready prim and proper – one look almost was primitive with its cobblestoned-patterned red leather, as if to suggest that humans may have cobblestone roads, but they remain human in the most humane ways possible, ultimately desirous of no more or less than food, sex, and the occasional discordant sound, and maybe a little bit of romance in the mix. Yet other looks were decidedly uber and hip, with a trendy urban vibe, including a white blazer bespeckled in silver beads. Still, others were classic, including a satin black evening dress that was a marvelous addition to the mix.

The models were decidedly fierce, and it was clear that the designer duo had gone for slight androgyny in their choices, with the females sporting thick eyebrows, pronounced pouts, and ridiculously good bone structure. The statement made was clear: We may come from cobblestoned pavements or from the streets, and we may rise as far as we wish, but we are all collectively human, and, at the end of the day, we all retire for the night separately, together.