Irina Vitjaz S/S 18

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A perplexing state of mind set in when the Irina Vitjaz SS18 runway show started. As the lights dimmed, the sounds I assume one would hear on an Australian outback expedition began to blare through the speakers. This gave me the intuition that maybe Vitjaz was possibly taking a safari approach to her collection. What began to parade down the runway was something completely different from what I had imagined. It was evening wear, the antithesis of khaki dungarees and faded denim. As gown after gown paraded under the hot stage lights, I failed to see anything compelling or inspirational.

Innovation was completely absent from a vast majority of the looks, with the exception of one intriguing ensemble that included a red side striped maxi skirt and a chest baring matching blazer. The fit of one cocktail dress was absolutely catastrophic, which made me think Vitjaz should reconsider titling her show “Pure Couture”, as exceptional tailoring is imperative to couture. The impressive venue and absurd playlist could not hide the fact that Vitjaz’s collection was uninspiring and mundane.