Meet the creators of ICE + JAM, Unique and Fun Lipstick Brand

We sat down with the creators of ICE + JAM, Ivy Mitcham and  model Jam Murphy, to talk about their lipstick brand.  Ivy and Jam are two best friends form Ohio who created a unique lipstick line that is fun, vibrant and universal for everyone.  We are so thrilled to get to know them as friends and also their brand.

Fashion 360 Magazine: How did you come up with the name Ice + Jam?
Ice + Jam: ICE and JAM are nicknames that developed while living in LA. After hours of brainstorming and a long list of names- this one shined bright. Its catchy, cool, and a union of friendship all in one.

full-size-100-of-110F360: How did you two meet?
Ice + Jam: At a house party in our hometown Ashtabula Ohio. Before the night was over we were planning a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach. Lesbehonest!

F360: What was your inspiration behind the line?
Ice + Jam: Our motivation for this brand was to create a quality product that would allow us to do something we loved every day and share it with our family and friends. We are inspired by the people around us, the cities we travel to, music, fashion, and nature. We favor the bold and colorful.

mirroredcapopenF360: What is unique about Ice + Jam that separates it from other beauty products on the market?
Ice + Jam: The formulas are really unique. ICE is pretty much magic. It’s clear until it meets your lips’ pH and then it brings out an enhanced version of your natural color.  So it’s different on everyone, and it’s not sticky like most other glosses. JAM is currently the only lipstick made out of Cupuacu butter!

F360: Who wears Ice + Jam?
Ice + Jam: There’s a Lil ICE+JAM in everyone, it’s the woman that’s beautiful because she’s owning her badassery and always has her bestie’s back.

F360: Each shade has such a unique name.  How did you come up with these names?
Ice + Jam: We threw a color naming party in NYC after we nailed down the semi-final formulations. Everyone tried on the colors, kissed a heart shaped paper and wrote their name idea on it. The next morning we went through everything and “Not his wife” named by model Erin Williams, made us laugh so that set the theme moving forward.

ls19-079p_willyF360: What are your favorite shades and why?
Ice + Jam:  This has to be the toughest question we are ever asked. That and “which color should we buy?” We do our best to gauge the buyer, but lipstick really is just like shoes. What season is it, what colors are you wearing, what time of day is it? That’s really why people should not fall into only one shade.  Willy is willy nice all the time, but as we transition into fall Nothiswife is the front runner.

F360: What is in the future for Ice + Jam?
Ice + Jam:  Herman! This unisex lip balm in is our very near future. New colors, new products, and perhaps an interactive storefront.