How to Live a Healthy Life


Here are my top 5 fitness tips for beginners:

1. Cut soda / sugary drinks. This one tip might be the hardest as many of us are dependent on sugary drinks to get through the day. Try drinking one soda a day and eventually cut down to every other day. If this is too much too soon, you can also try drinking tonic water when you feel the urge to drink soda.

2. Drink more water. Drink a glass when you get to work, during lunch, and during the afternoon. One tip is to drink at least two water bottles worth of water at work. Invest in a new cute water bottle and refill it in the morning and after lunch. After some time, you will start to drink more and more water.

3. Get more sleep. Sleeping fewer hours contributes to negative eating and drinking habits. Usually at night, we tend to eat unhealthy foods. By sleeping more, we can control our calorie intake and feel rested in the morning to squeeze in a morning workout.

4. Follow fitness models and personal trainers on social media. While seeing some of them can make us feel really jealous and bloated at times, they can also serve as inspiration. Think about it. These people have insane bodies and most of them encourage their followers to work out and even post workout videos and diet plans.

5. Start small and simple. No one is going to reach their desired goals in only one day. Just like eating one donut will not make you fat. One work out will not transform your body. The beauty of changing your life style is that you actually have to work hard to see the benefits and changes. Even if you only lose one pound a week, or month, it is a big change. Don’t compare your results to the next person. Remember that everyone is different.

Always remember that the best things in life are the ones that we work hard for.