Why did 7 of my friends download this app over the weekend?

Ever wondered how you can get free drinks without having to flirt with the bartender? Now you can get one free drink per day at over 500+ participating bars, restaurants, speakeasies, and gastropubs in certain cities. In the case of Miami,  popular spots such as Baoli, Shots, Fooq’s, and American Social are participating.

If 30+ plus drinks for $10 sounds too good to be true, give it a try just like we did during Art Basel weekend in Miami. I decided to try out the Hooch app at Cleo in South Beach. For my first use, I wanted to try somewhere new. Upon entering, the hostess greeted us to the dimly lit bar perfect for a date. We informed our bartender, Magic, about the app then he proceeded to tell us that we must purchase a drink first since this is a premium bar and not all participating venues have that rule, that was fine by us.  We ordered appetizers which were delicious and start chatting with the bartender about his opinion of the app.

He tells us that the app is a great way for the venue to acquire new customers that are not just looking for a free drink since they require a minimum of one drink purchase. “We changed the rules since some subscribers used to come here and just order a drink and leave, not even tip the staff. We made it a one drink minimum and the change has been great for us. We get a different type of crowd.” Not limited to 3 drinks, Cleo offers a greater selection of the drinks most regular places and giving the user more drink options other than the standard, boring drinks.

While we were at the restaurant I got a notification on the app about a Zirkova Vodka and Hooch App party at the 1 Hotel Miami a few blocks away. We were surprised by this event’s feature but excited to check out the party. As for Cleo, I will definitely be back.

Again, I had never been to the 1 Hotel but had seen countless influencers posting on social media there so I decided to go and take a few pictures.  The free party was for Hooch App members with Zirkova Organic Vodka giving out drinks. The rooftop pool venue was beautiful with city views all around and a cool ocean breeze. Since we got there a bit early we weren’t allowed to redeem the Hooch members only free drink but ordered Zirkova drinks at the Hooch booth. We enjoyed the distinct flavor of the fruity drinks mixed with the vodka. The vodka company’s mission is driven by social justice which makes it a great hit as well.

Overall, I would recommend the Hooch App to anyone that enjoys exploring new places plus likes a deal. The app is simple to use once you sing up and is a win-win for all parties involved. My only regret is not hearing of the app sooner. My friends give it an A+ as well.

Try it for yourself and get the first month for a $1 by using the code b8634a