What the Hemp


While many try increasing intimacy through various methods, techniques, and anecdotes, a simple solution does not exist. We search for answers by asking friends, consulting glossy magazines, using search engines and digital pseudo-advice. What if a product existed that could help enhance intimacy while providing skin benefits that can alleviate pain? Many products exist in the marketplace focus solely on skincare or sexual intimacy. Aponi BioBotanica aims to bridge the gap between the two by providing skin care benefits and natural ingredients that are not overly scented.

After a long day at work, I decided to try some of Aponi’s products, specifically the balm. Upon opening the package, I noticed that there was little odor and compared to products specifically aimed at beauty/sex, Aponi felt smooth on the skin. The balm felt very relaxing and soothing, and the absence of a strong odor made it very helpful in giving others massages and helping them relax.My first guinea pig was my mom, who needed a back massage after a stressful week. Moving my hand in circular motions I began applying some of the product on her back.  She fell into a state of instant relaxation and zen while I gave her massage. She felt very relaxed after the massage and demanded another one. Compared to other products she’s used for massages, this has been one of the favorites.

 My partner was up next, suffering from lack of sleep and muscle pain, he was thrilled with the idea of a massage to help him improve his sleep and concentration. I showed him the balm and he instantly pointed out the lack of odor was a plus. I massaged his back and he felt much better afterward, he specifically noticed how relaxed his muscles felt. He now regularly uses the product to help with his back problems.

Aponi reduces mild anxiety, helps insomnia, and improves cognitive concentration and focus, leading to the perfect setting for romantic intimacy among partners. Using hemp, Aponi aims to debunk all the myths about the negative connotations Hemp implies.