General Idea S/S18

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Images: Courtesy of General Idea

When I heard that General Idea was having its Spring/Summer 2018 show in the Clarklight Square, I knew I would be making the trek over to West SoHo one more time before the week ended. Besides it being one of my absolute favorite venues, the spacious, studio-style interiors would be the perfect backdrop for designer Bumsuk Choi’s latest line.

The first few pieces had vibrant magenta hues and deep indigo hatch-patterns which leapt out and grabbed me. It felt a little bit like Madras during Holi, which speaks to the inherently multi-continental background which Bumsuk brings to his work. It’s a great way to get some pop into the wardrobe without being too noisy, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be something of a trend next year, so you might want to jump on the pieces while you still can.

Then came the functional pieces, which mostly revolved around walking shoes, luggage, and blended jackets so yellow that you swear they came out of a coloring book. Two nice touches were the tote bags which effortlessly paired with the no-belt-needed shorts and the firetruck red tracksuit. I like how they’re primarily designed to look good, but still totally do the job they were made to do, because then I don’t have to choose between looking great – and not just great, but well tailored, you know, aesthetic – and also run errands or schlep down to the coffee shop.

The charcoal peacoats and denim jackets were cut to be loose, to drape over your frame. The upside to this was, they pair well with loose pants, cut to that perfect height between the calves and the ankles, with no need for certain kinds of socks or shoes. On the downside, they’re not summery, and, speaking just as a man for a second, I already have enough pieces of fall clothes which I could wear on those rare spring or summer days when I want to, without going out and getting more.

But, still, I am looking forward to seeing what General Idea brings us next year.