Fashion Hong Kong

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An Intercultural Bazaar

The show for Fashion Hong Kong displayed an air of unconventionality, and a fearlessness to defy the norms. For the line Heaven Please+, unusualness was key, and ruffles lorded over the entire scene. Tutus were draped across shoulders, and in some cases woven across the dresses, complete with intensified ruffles. There really was no boundary the designer would not cross, and the weirdness of it was Queen.

Yet the embellishments were not the only laudatory aspect of this collection. One cobbled jacket with fading greys and a perfectly placed red line draped over a red trench coat, was androgynous perfection – like the boyfriend shorts of lore, this outfit is deliciously versatile for a girl who likes boys, a boy who likes girls, and girls and boys who like girls and boys.









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The Avenglosa brand went for a more structured look, but the pieces were flawless in their own right, without the need for embellishments, and perhaps without want for them as well. Light turquoise, dark maroon, and speckled black reigned in this collection. The turquoise get-up’s, complete with headwear and gloves, reminded me delightfully of that commercial played in theaters 20 some-odd years ago, where a lady finds a white fur hat in the park, and dances around with it. The connection is not quite explicable – perhaps it was the nostalgic romance of the scene that was evoked in this collection. It was, ultimately, a most lovely collection.









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After the show, Fashion Hong Kong had an after-party, replete with bloggers and other fashion industry figures. The party was, like the collections, not too ostentatious, but rather a fun and low-key social gathering. People mingled, business cards were exchanged, and I nursed a non-alcoholic ginger beer all night long, determined to remain sober while on the job, but tempted all the same by the open bar.

Like my attempt at temporary sobriety, the party was a success, and so were the collections. In an ever-expanding global society, Fashion Hong Kong made its mark, and the mark was a good one.