Descendant of Thieves S/S 2018

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Images By: Lauren Moran

18 models stood before the crowd as you walked into the presentation. They rotated every 20 seconds, each demonstrating a particular look. Many new garments were analyzed during the presentation, and as I took a deep dive into the collection, I realized how much I appreciated the versatility within the garments. Each piece could easily be worn in an everyday, casual look. Easy enough to swap items from multiple outfits and pair them together.

The Spring/Summer collection included colorful bright prints and versatile pieces to dress for any occasion. Blazers with rolled up sleeves showed the detailed lining that paired with the entire top half of the look, keeping it fun, but consistent, and not matchy. Fitted button down short sleeve shirts was buttoned at the top half to display the layered shirt underneath. Blue camo prints with patches of Japanese printed fabric decorated the standard windbreaker to give flare and a new look to streetwear. Neck scarves completed the outfit, adding a European and clean look.

Designer Dres Ladro’s inspiration behind the collection derives from masks – that clothing in itself is a mask we put on every single day. Masks are a representation and an attachment of a certain tribe, and ultimately influence how the world perceives us individually and in a group setting.

Creative Director Matteo Maniatty explained how this collection was inspired by fashion obsessed MOD prints and colors of the 1960’s, a groundbreaking time in history that made it acceptable for males to dress purely for show.