Latinista Showcases CZAR F/W 2017


Punto Space 325 W 38th, Monday, February 13th, 8:00 p.m. – Everyone is here. In fact, three times everyone is here. The Latinista fashion collective organized three shows, in series, for the Fall / Winter 2017 lines of Milagros Batista Collection, Sandra Baquero, and Cesar Galindo. This is the final entry of the night and, judging by the limited standing room, the attendees from other two shows have stayed to watch.

Galindo has been a staple in the fashion world since his washed-out kimono graced the cover of Elle magazine in 1993. He usually sticks to ultra-exclusive lines, contributing to private labels for Dolce & Gabbana and designing costumes for The Miami City Ballet and celebrity clients. With his latest line, CZAR, he intends to bring the small-scale period piece glitz he does so well to a wider audience, and as far as I’m concerned he’s pretty much succeeding.

It’s hard to knock a costume designer for going over the top. I just happen to be more of a minimalist, and if you’re like me you’re pretty much only going to be interested in a few outfits. I will say that the strength of CZAR’s 2017 Fall / Winter collection is in its ebullient patterns. The tasseled one piece with black and white polka-dots provides a smart update to the classic 50s housewife, and I can definitely see a certain kind of person rocking it.

On the other hand, I really appreciate how Galindo balances the inherent asymmetry of his sleeveless jumpers with patterns so distinct as to seem genuinely two-dimensional. Pairing kohl eyeliner with the cracked lava style is a sure way to stay smoldering throughout the day, and the kaleidoscopic floral print even made me do a double take. I just had to ask where Galindo got the designs from. It turns out that he fosters great relationships with all of the mills who source his fabrics, and that he takes time every season, before he even starts drafting, to tour their textile options. Between his friends in Spain, Italy, and Korea, he feels like a kid in a candy store and so do I.

The fuchsia heels which all the models donned are the most gorgeous shoes I have seen all Fashion Week, and they will work with every skin color. Fair warning, though, they will not work with every outfit. Even two of the ensembles which Galindo put together himself came off feeling a little too busy, as the suede sheen clashed with red sequins. You will definitely still want to head over to Soles 4 Divas to get your pair, but, once you do get them, you’re going to want to use them sparingly.

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