Custo Barcelona F/W18

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Glitz Yet Glamour

It was a show of such proportion one could not look away, nor would one want to. In a feat that could be described as monumental, the Custo Barcelona show merged seemingly endless cultural insignias, flowing between references to Native American, Asian and South American fashion as seamlessly as the threads- and the designs, meanwhile, were positively laden with beads, stones, and brazen color, yet somehow it molded into into culturalism rather than fragmenting it.

This show was beyond exquisite, simply put. The designer showed a remarkable and borderline shameless deftness at throwing in every possible notion of glitz without it superseding glamour. Perhaps the greatest statement the show made, however, was its blend of cultures, for it seemed unable to pause the shifting of lands and sentiment, and it suggested a makeshift world where borders did not divide humans so distinctly. And this intercultural seaming was the very best thing that could have come from a decidedly perfect clothing collection.