Chi Zhang F/W 17


The USS Intrepid set a mysterious tone for Chi Zhang’s interpretation of his Fall/Winter 2017 line. When you walked in the main room underneath the deck, a large screen projected a digital presentation reporting on China’s Post 95 color trends. The Post 95 generation combines data with art. This particular generation includes creative, innovative and rebellious individuals born between 1995-1999. Zhang collaborated with, an e-commerce site in China devoted to fashion designers. He partnered with the site because he shares the same goals with making fashion forward clothing attainable. Q Zone and provided the collaborative report, which also provided inspiration for Zhang’s collection- that the combination of fashion and data create an exceptional spark. The Post 95’s typically wear black, gray and white colors within their clothing while pairing black with red, blue and yellow. However, this black is not your typical black. This Chi Zhang collection was inspired by this black- the 95-degree black.

While Chi Zhang’s collection included black, splashes of electric blue, red, orange and metallics meshed in with black while adding pop. The outerwear was big and bulky. Plastic raincoats, fur jackets, leather bombers with fur, none of them form fitted, but fun and easy to sport for a contemporary sportswear look. The women’s short sleeve sweatshirts were the most interesting, for they had long pieces of cloth that dangled from the sleeve, adding texture and a unique flare to streetwear. The best part was watching the models dance and strut down the runway to loud dubstep, which brought a feeling of youth.

Lead hair stylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look and her team were assigned to give the models a wet hair look for the show. T referenced this particular hairstyle as the “Misty Mane”. “Since Chi was showing on the Intrepid Navy ship, he wanted the hair to have an element of moisture, but not to appear soaking wet to avoid the hair from flattening out. “The only way I could think of to maintain a wet look without being complete flat, was to utilize oil,” said Cooper. To maintain this look throughout the show, T and her team used specific hair products by brands ECRU New York and Sedu. The hairstylists used a few spritz of the Sunlight Holding Spray, then dried it with Sedu blow dryer to give a crunchy texture, then used a Sedu icon styling iron to produce waves in the hair, then after shaking the loose waves, an Acai Protein Oil was added to for the wet hair look, then the last product added was the Sunlight Styling Spray Max to hold the tresses in place. The Misty Mane hairstyle was maintained throughout the show while completing the looks for the Chi Zhang performance.