Bringing Happiness to Women


…Through Foxy Purses

Many could spend a lifetime trying to find what makes a woman happy. What if the question was simplified, and instead of trying to find what makes her happy, how can she be reminded of her importance. New York City purse designer Natalie Fox focuses on reminding women to be happy in two ways – bright colors and inspirational messaging. Once a woman purchases a Foxy purse, she can include her own personal, secret message, idea, belief, or mantra. Former buyers have used quotes such as, “Enjoy the Moment”, “Follow Your Dreams”, and “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

Foxy Purse’s retail from $75-$129, depending on the size of the bag. The bags come in 2 sizes and multiple colors. The Tiny Fox purse offers just enough space to hold your iPhone and credit cards and valued at $75. The Foxy Purse retails for $129, which is a little larger than the Tiny Fox purse and can fit essentials like your phone, credit cards, and a few accessories. All Foxy Purses are all compiled of gorgeous soft jersey knit on the exterior with a pretty cotton lining. All bags can be purchased on her online shop

Natalie is currently executing an exciting new project for Foxy Purses: 1 Week – 1 New Bag. Each week, Natalie is creating a new purse and presenting them every Friday. Her project is being captured on her Instagram where you can learn more @nfoxnyc.