Biokap’s Amazing…


…Natural Hair color Collection

Biokap is a company that has created an amazing hair color that saturates hair in radiant color while keeping it silky soft. It comes in 14 shades and is ammonia, resorcin, paraben, para-phenylenediamine, and phenylenediamine free. In addition , it is nickel tested.

The most remarkable feature of this product is how it improves your hair’s condition, due  inclusion of argan oil and tricorepair complex in its formula,  which comes from organic farming. Most hair color formulas contain harsh ingredients that strip hair of its natural oils and leave hair feeling incredibly dry and lifeless. Biokap infuses hair with incredible color that seems to reflect light in the most amazingly luminescent way.

I decided to try this color on myself with eager anticipation. I thought since this was a more natural product that the application process would  differ  from other hair color products, but this was not the case. I applied the color to my hair, and a half an hour or so later I hopped in the shower. I was grateful for the absence of any nauseatingly strong smell that most hair colors have. I then hopped out of the shower, towel and blow dried my hair. I have to say that I was impressed with the beautifully luminescent amber color of my hair but was even more impressed with how my hair felt touchably soft and radiated health.

I will undoubtedly recommend this product to anyone looking for radiant color without the damaging effects of regular hair color. Biokap is definitely worth a try.