Aurora Preview by Preciosa


Since 1948, Czech Republic’s premium crystal manufacturer, Preciosa Crystal Components, thrive as leading innovators within the glassmaking industry. By executing traditional Bohemian glassmaking craftsmanship dating back to 1548 is what defines Preciosa’s reputation for producing luxury crystals. Practicing environmental responsibilities such as creating lead-free crystals and providing safe working conditions are key values implemented by the manufacturer. Preciosa is introducing their latest Aurora collection, featuring new innovations, colors, shaping and novelties.

Inspired by the ancient goddess of the dawn, the Aurora collection is a resemblance of the company’s more fashion-focused direction and the result of innovation within the industry. “The cohesive aesthetic of this collection embodies the colorful metamorphosis of the dawn, yet also speaks to something that is distinctly feminine,” said the Head of Design & Trends at Preciosa Crystal Components, Olo Krizova. The collection is displayed through magnificent crystalized denim maps on canvas, high fashion couture in collaboration with The Blonds, all embellished with one of a kind Preciosa crystals.

Imagine visiting a gallery sparkling with crystals on the walls as the sun beamed through the room. That’s what the New York City Preciosa showroom replicates. Six aerial maps of metropolitans are hand stitched with crystals from the Aurora collection. Each city representing a new innovation presented in the Aurora line. The Paris map demonstrates the new light smoked topaz color because, like Paris, the color is always an elegant choice of color. Light topaz can be found in MC Chaton MAXIMA stone and the Chaton Rose MAXIMA stone. The Milano map represents the new coating on the crystals which enable effortless cool and rich history that coincides with this particular city.

The map of New York City showcases the new MC Rhombus FB shape of the crystal, which is inspired by New York’s Art Deco architecture and resembles the geometric design of the crystal. Prague’s map uses the limited edition Livada stone which assimilates to the calm mist that descends over the Vltava River. The Dubai map also includes a limited edition crystal, the Reyna Cabochon. Crafted and hand colored, this stone’s design is inspired by the Emirati-style architecture. Lastly, the Shanghai map replicates the new quality of Nacre Pearls. Shanghai and the pearls exude a captivating mystique prevailing high quality and luxury. The intricate details embellished on these maps are appreciated and show diverse creativity within the Aurora collection.

High fashion couture house The Blonds’ Spring/Summer 2017 line shown at February’s NYFW adorned the catwalk using thousands of Preciosa stones. The Blonds collections are known to be extravagant by constructing one of a kind pieces. Garments with a high Preciosa jeweled neck collar that attaches to the shoulder, crystal jumpsuits and gowns are just a few examples. This collaboration couldn’t make more sense. Their embellished masterpieces have been worn by Kylie Minogue at the Prince Trust Fundraiser, Gwen Stefani on the Voice, Sib Vicious at the MET Gala, Lil Kim during the Bad Boy Reunion Tour, and Nikki Minaj on the cover of Cosmopolitan among many more notable celebrities and events.

The Aurora collection is currently making its’ debut across the globe by having showroom events to see the crystals in person. The New York City showroom preview brought a distinct level of appreciation to the Aurora compilation. Want to learn more about the Preciosa brand and crystal technology?

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