Ann Taylor Knows Best


With Christmas around the corner, the always present doubt of what to get your loved ones lingers more than ever. Do not fear because Ann Taylor has everything you need to check off your list! Although they began by only selling clothes, today, Ann Taylor has everything you need, from shoes for accessories and gifts.

The beauty of the brand is they get us women and know we live complicated lives since we have to juggle activities, roles, and expectations while choosing to play all our roles with confidence and style. They carry a wide variety of looks that you can wear every day for you to be head to toe festive. Whether you want to be decked out in a sequin dress or rock an all velvet suit, Ann Taylor has you covered.

With them, you can rest assured you will not only be buying a stylish gift but with every purchase you make, a portion of it will go to the Saint Jude Hospital to end childhood cancer. From flattering dresses to shoes and gifts, Ann Taylor has it all and they are no stranger to us since we have been using them for past photoshoots.

They are your one-stop shop destination for holiday gifts, and with next day delivery, you can expect to receive everything you get in the blink of an eye. This holiday wishes come true with Ann Taylor. For more information head over to

Here are some of our style editor’s favorite looks from this season.   Get them quick as some looks have sold out!