A.P.C. 30th Anniversary


French brand Atelier de Production et de Creation (A.P.C), which translates to Production and Creation Workshop in English, is celebrating their 30 years in production with a special capsule. In 1987, designer Jean Touitou started introducing new collections by seasons (Hiver ’87, ETE ’88, etc.) In 1989, the company name A.P.C. appeared for the first time during the Summer ’89 collection.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jean Touiton’s successful brand, a unique and special capsule collection titled ’87 Hiver is being introduced in stores and online. The collection includes reissued items from precious men’s and women’s collections like the parka, jeans, and chambray shirt. The chambray shirt includes intricate details, with initials stitched on the left side of the front. The initials represent specific individuals who have influenced Jean throughout the years:
WB – William Blake
CB – Chuck Berry
JB – Joseph Beuys
PS – Phil Spector
PS – Philippe Soupault
MvdR – Mies Van Der Rohe
GD – Guy Debord
BD – Bo Diddley
CvC – Carl Von Clausewitz
SB – Samuel Beckett
CJ – Cyril Jordan
KW – Kanye West
IlD – Isidore Lucien Ducasse
BH – Billie Holiday

The collection also includes a custom tag in black Hiver ’87, representing the special capsule. The chambray denim retails for $210, the Hiver ’87 turtleneck at $95, and the Hiver ’87 crew neck for $110. To purchase these important pieces of French fashion history, you can visit usonline.apc.fr and flagship stores.