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By: Inna Bosenko

With summer in full swing, we’ve shortened the skirts, bronzed up our cheeks and officially established the beach as our temporary residence. But on those weekdays when temperatures reach over 90°, we can only dream of wearing swimsuits around the hot concrete of the city. Fashion360 is here to announce that you, in fact, can do that while making a bold daring fashion statement. Let’s examine some designers and brands currently promoting swimwear silhouettes as outerwear.

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We’ve witnessed Prada Spring/Summer 2012 collection showcasing a perfect example of swimwear as outerwear. In fact, these swimsuits don’t have a typical bikini shape or silhouette, they lean more towards a short romper with chic accessories. Fabrics of these “swimsuits” are a lot thicker and denser with beautiful textures, embellishments and belts cinching the waist. Prada looks were paired with glamorous wavy hairstyles, luxurious jewelry and elegant bags transforming the look from ‘everyday’ to ‘audacious’. Despite the extreme length of these suits, they retain an air of sophistication about them. Nonetheless, if you want to turn it into a more practical outfit, just pair it with a lightly transparent flowy skirt. The radiant color of the bodysuit would still be visible, yet remain fairly disguised. For a summer night out on the town, this look can be paired with a light jacket or a structured blazer.

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