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It’s unimaginable to talk about swimwear as outerwear without mentioning knit masterpieces walking down the Spring Summer 2012 Missoni runway. These bright tribal-inspired ensembles aren’t exactly meant for jumping into a pool but rather for standing next to it, wearing large sunglasses, sipping a refreshing cocktail. The look screams luxury and extravagance without being strict or proper. Mixtures of yellows, blues, whites and pinks perfectly complement each other on a mesmerizing horizontal pattern.

Another concept we’ve all gotten used to seeing are the misty, realistic, simple yet definitely memorable American Apparel ads. One of such campaigns did the trick of popularizing a one-piece leotard in a standout shade and fabric as outerwear. The trend caught on and these leotards, at first glance looking like simple one-piece swimsuits, started being paired with leggings, skirts, jackets or simply on their own. The look is more than ever contemporary this summer season in bright neon colors paired with equally as bright articles of clothing and accessories. A very practical element of such an outfit is that it can be worn during the day looking fashion forward casual and seem very dressy if worn at night.

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  • In-Between Sizes

    This reminds me of the D&G playsuits that celebrities love to wear! So chic and sexy at the same time!