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By: Inna Bosenko

I’m a bit of a walking art,” said Jeremy Xtravaganza sitting across a small Starbucks table, while I couldn’t help but notice his every glance and movement forming a live editorial right before my eyes. Intricately combining rare creativity with a genuine down-to-earth outlook, Xtravaganza expertly wears many hats of the entertainment industry: performer, dancer, nightlife host, fashion guru, runway coach, recording artist and the list wouldn’t dare end. He doesn’t thirst for attention or claw his way through such a competitive industry; he is simply being himself allowing audiences to eagerly demand more of his many talents. “I’m just me, there’s no other way to go around it. It’s all about being in touch with myself and saying ‘I will act however I want and wear whatever I like,” stated Xtravaganza.


jeremy xtravaganza, Inna Bosenko, alexander mcqueen, madonna, kevin aviance, jared leto, octavia st. laurent, fashion, 360, magazine, avant-gardeInheriting a delicate combination of his mother’s performing talents and carefree attitude with his family’s conservatism, Xtravaganza’s allure is harbored within his strong innovative personality. Today, absolutely impossible to imagine such a force of confidence speechless on stage as he was years ago at his very first drag show relying on poses for rescue from the viewers’ inquisitive eyes. “I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t know any of the words, yet I figured this is what I was meant to do. It’s my fate,” shared Xtravaganza. Initially being catapulted into NYC’s blend of everybody who was doing everything fabulous, he advanced through a spectrum of ‘assistant’ to ‘dance colleague’ to ‘manager’ of Kevin Aviance, an influential recording artist. “He pulled me away from being a typical drag queen with hair, makeup and contouring into understanding that I can be a man and be free and creative and still have it,”.


Now fast forward, as a guest of honor at Madonna’s Pre-Drowned World Press tour standing alongside Mick Jagger, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow as eye candy for the pop diva herself. He swiftly becomes a prominent member of the iconic House of Xtravaganza, a guest runway coach for young girls on America’s Next Top Model Season 2, and a casting director for ‘Hurricane’ by 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto is now describing a night out on New York with Jeremy Xtravaganza as a one of a kind experience attributed to his comfortableness rather than supposedly provocative fashion. Inspired by his own emotions and endless curiosity towards the industry, Xtravaganza propels forward with fresh projects skillfully wrapping himself with the enchantment of fashion.


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