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By: Inna Bosenko

Every sizzling summer season, fashionistas attempt recreating one timeless sexy look: that voluminous messy “beach hair”, somewhere in-between wavy and curly. Whether it’s the products promising beachy locks or the salty ocean water doing the trick itself, the process of crafting this look is usually ruthless on hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and feeling quite unhealthy.

Now, let’s not get discouraged or resort to harmful hair treatments; Fashion360 is here to recommend a fabulous innovative summer product for healthy, natural beachy tresses! AG Hair recently introduced a brand new addition to its Curl Category family: Beach Bomb, a product designed to create sexy waves without causing any damage to the hair. The product steers clear of several harmful chemicals, as well as salt: that one ingredient causing extreme hair dryness. Beach Bomb texturizes hair in a unique way, giving it a light hold to maintain the look for a long period of time.

Beach Bomb is also incredibly easy to use! All you need is a small amount of the product spread evenly through damp hair and a blow-dryer set to low volume with high heat or some extra time for hair to dry on its own. This simple process is topped off with a confident strut down a busy city street looking like you just spent the morning lying on the beach.

The product currently retails for $22.00 and can be found at several beauty salons across America. For more information on this fabulous summer beauty find, please visit

Stay sexy and healthy!

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