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Recounting his early childhood days in his grandmother’s salon and highlighting her mannequins’ hair with magic marker, international celebrity make-up and hair stylist, Michael Hanz’s familiarity with the fashion world took off with a colorful start.  Also noting that his mother was a make-up artist herself, he remembered “gravitating towards this big box of color,” which spawned his creative thirst.

As we reminisced about our days of styling our Barbies’ and mannequins’ hair, most always resulting in a buzz cut, he mentioned that at the time he didn’t know this would be the industry claiming his talent, but nevertheless, the cultivation of his auspicious career began.  As he got older, Michael seriously pursued the make-up industry, first through retail, where he started to hone in on his creativity, realizing his potential.  About fifteen years ago when he began, the make-up industry was predominantly driven by women “with minimal well-known established male artists,” Michael noted.  He helped pave the way for more male make-up artists and currently assists younger artists establish their career aesthetic through bridal, special effect, or high fashion make-up etc.  A true industry professional, not just concerned about the advancement of his own career, he “enjoys working with people and giving them some tools to really own their craft.”

So, will we ever see a Michael Hanz school?  Currently, we are out of luck, however he recanted by saying he’ll never say no.  Presently Mr. Hanz is “doing a lot of educational work by teaching younger artists how to establish themselves, while giving them tips and tricks.”  His number one suggestion to endeavoring artists is “consistency.”  In an industry as unforgiving as fashion, it is of the utmost importance to create a reputable and reliable name for yourself.  After several email exchanges and the brief hour that I spent with Michael, it’s apparent that he has created just that for himself.

How has he procured such a reputable name?  His personal motto precisely explains.  “Never be satisfied with the mundane.”  Clearly, he is not.  With his amiable and fun personality, always lending a smile, it’s obvious that he likes to push himself to be the best he can be, while satisfying his clients’ desires.  “I constantly am pushing myself to be ahead of the curve.  Don’t be afraid.  Always try.”

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