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By: Inna Bosenko

Collecting sample portfolios, mood boards and sketchpads, talented fresh faces in fashion design quietly dream of what seems to be impossible in such a cutthroat industry, a developer with a clear vision, pleasant attitude and full ability to stimulate their unique brand. Such a marvelous combination in the Public Relations industry, infamous for its arrogance and self-absorption, would seem to be nothing but a faint fantasy in designers’ eyes. Truly one of a kind, a creative communications company based in the heart of trendy SOHO, Omen PR values a positive attitude, meticulously selects brands for representation and firmly holds their hands through development and growth processes.

An innovative mastermind behind this phenomenon in PR, Omen’s founder and owner CJ Swanton remains cool and remarkably down to earth: “Omen is new on the Boutique PR front but it’s grown really nicely and I’m very proud of its reputation as a company and each of the brands we work with.” Entering the competitive world of PR roughly 10 years ago, Swanton witnessed its’ full spectrum, currently holding a tremendous amount of wisdom and experience, as well as a stubborn opinion of how things should be run. Upon graduating college, he began work for nonprofit PR in Canada, where he is originally from. In hopes of breaking into the field of fashion PR, he began to persistently contact Mao PR; a boutique Public Relations agency based in New York. Sold on Swanton’s charm and determination, Mao offered him an internship, consequently starting a whirlwind of full time jobs over the next several years.

With an internship, you have a direct opportunity to show the company your strengths and the degree of your work ethic. This industry is not something you can do lightly or part-time.You have to start at the bottom and work your way up,” said Swanton. Having been around the block of fashion PR for many years, Swanton developed a specific idea for Omen: “The one motto and our ultimate mantra is: ‘Don’t be a douchebag.’ Positive attitude is really important here.”Introducing Omen to the Boutique PR scene about 2 years ago, Swanton based his business on respect, integrity and simple friendliness, breaking away from typical labels attached to this ego-driven industry.“Our passion is working with emerging brands and being there from the beginning, from the ground up to really help them find their voice as a brand and get their legs as a company,” stated Swanton. Titling his business to prophesize success, Swanton and the dynamic dependable Omen team have no time for counterproductive negativity and pretentiousness, while developing the Calvin Kleins and Donna Karans of tomorrow.



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