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Caitlin Kelly left no detail unaccounted for.  Each suit had a differentiating feature such as a grommet detail, side pleats, cross back, medallion bandeaus, long ties, and twisted ropes, making each feel unique.  This designer puts in the time so, we don’t have to.  Absolutely stunning was her front fold over romper, as long ties swung from the back as the model walked.  Her best men’s suit was her Naima Men’s Trunk Turquoise, which was detailed with a purple strip.  The rest of the collection’s palette consisted of blues, blacks, and shimmery gold’s.

Definitely a fun show to attend; unfortunately, people cleared the rooftop right after the show due to the impending rain.  An adorable designer, Caitlin Kelly seems to have found her niche.

Photo Credit: Paul Newland,


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